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2016-08-13 10:56:32
We regularly organize sales competition, in order to improve the office staff's enthusiasm, to train the staff to the spirit of hard work.
2016-08-13 10:56:14
Different from each MIWE department employees, mutual cooperation between each other make progress together. Our aim is customer first, technology rushed, unity cooperation, practical
2016-08-13 10:55:59
MIWE Summarize the company's sales meetings every day, and improve the shortcomings to improve advantages.Share each other between staff, common progress together.
2017-03-09 14:39:25
We sincerely invites you to join us in Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibiton-2017, a professionaland famous International Lighting Exhibiton in China, which will be held in Guangzhou from Jun.9th-12th,2017. We are one of the most professional manufacturers in China, products covering in Switching Power Supply. And in this exhibition, we will show mainly Switching Power Supply. However, please contact us if you have any interest in ourproduct. We are very much expecting toestablish a long term and good business relationship with your esteemed companyin the near future.

High Qualilty,
As a Result of Professionalization

MIWE Group Corporation is looking forward to the long,
firm and win-win cooperation with you.

Question and Answer
The interference of high frequency switch power supply - how to solve
Adjust the auxiliary transformer turns ratio, change the original edge number of turns Np, reduce the former vice edge of turns ratio,
Switching power supply basic components
main circuit control circuit,
Switching power supply information collection
Modern switching power supply has two kinds: one kind is the dc switching power supply
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